Shrinking Violet xo

Anna; [Morrissey enthusiast].

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If Johnny Rotten and Lily Munster had sex I would more than likely be the result. I have his acidic tongue and her fiery temper.

I enjoy; literature, old clothing that smells like mothballs, tuxedo cats, the smell of rain, The Smiths, morbidity, comic books, love notes on napkins and Elvis Presley.

Love transcends even death
Mitch Winehouse, talking about Amy. 

@acidre-flux  oh my god that’s so weird! See that’s what I’m scared of! I really really want to get him a little friend to cure his loneliness, I just don’t want it to have the opposite effect and upset his furry socks. Plus he’s basically me in cat form and hates everything so the chances of him liking his new bunny friend is unlikely haha. Anyway Happy Christmas to you, you little minx! xox

I swear Ludovico Einaudi haunts my life. His songs follow me everywhere, especially around Christmas. Fucking hell Ludovico give a girl a break.